Survey: Intentions of Estonian residents to engage in real estate transactions have decreased.

Планы людей в сфере недвижимости на ближайшие 3 года. Автор: Kantar Emor
Plans of individuals in the real estate sector for the next 3 years. Author: Kantar Emor

According to a recent study by Kantar Emor, 7% of Estonian residents plan to purchase new housing within the next three years, while 5% intend to rent out their property. Compared to last year, the interest in real estate has decreased. 8% of residents plan to search for rental housing in the next three years. The survey results indicate that 82% do not plan to engage in any real estate transactions in the next three years.

“If we look at different types of transactions, the intention to engage in them has decreased by about a third compared to last year. This indicates a certain caution,” noted researcher Anastasia Lesment. “

Men remain more active both in purchasing real estate and in renting it out. The age group of 15 to 24-year-olds is the most active in the rental market, often needing rental housing due to education or a desire for independence from parents,” Lesment added.

According to the study, the most well-known real estate agencies among Estonian residents are Uus Maa, Arco Vara, and Pindi Kinnisvara. Key criteria when choosing a real estate agency for every second person are recommendations from friends and acquaintances, as well as the price of services. Many also emphasize the importance of reliability of the agency.

Kantar Emor conducted the online survey from March 14 to 21. It involved 1206 Estonian residents aged 15 to 84.

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